Welcome to the AFS Estuaries Section website! The Estuaries Section is an interest based sub group of the American Fisheries Society. The Estuaries Section was established in 1994 as the primary bridge between the AFS and external organizations and individuals involved with estuarine research and management. We are dedicated to protecting, maintaining, and enhancing the viability of the fisheries and other aquatic living resources dependent upon healthy estuaries through the following goals: (1) Advance the conservation, development, and wise use of fishery resources for the optimum use and enjoyment by all; (2) Gather and disseminate information on fisheries science and management through forums and symposia; (3) Promote and evaluate the educational, scientific, and technical aspects of the fisheries profession; (4) Serve as a primary resource for developing public policy affecting estuarine fish and fisheries; (5) Evaluate ongoing and proposed research and monitoring programs that address estuarine fishes in North America; and (6) Support students and develop estuarine fisheries professionals.

Upcoming AFS Division & Chapter Meetings

Stay up to date with AFS Division & Chapter meetings!! These meetings facilitate communication among members of geographic regions and provide a space to interact with regional and local fisheries professionals and early career scientists. A list of upcoming meetings from February – March 2024, with meeting page links if provided, are below: Georgia Chapter... Read More

New AFS Estuaries Section Logo Contest!

The new AFS logo debuted at the 2021 Business Metting in Baltimore providing a fresh symbol for the society and, subsequently, allowing individual Sections and Chapters the opportunity to update their logos to incorporate the new design. The Estuaries Section is inviting members to participate in a logo design contest, creating a new logo that... Read More

World Fisheries Congress 2024 & More….

The 2024 World Fisheries Congress is fast approaching, taking place in Seattle, WA from March 3 – 7. The congress theme for this meeting is Fish and Fisheries at the Food-Water-Energy Nexus and this space provides a platform for researchers to exchange ideas about emerging issues, conservation, industry, governance of resources, and much more. Registration:... Read More