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New AFS Estuaries Section Logo Contest!

The new AFS logo debuted at the 2021 Business Metting in Baltimore providing a fresh symbol for the society and, subsequently, allowing individual Sections and Chapters the opportunity to update their logos to incorporate the new design. The Estuaries Section is inviting members to participate in a logo design contest, creating a new logo that... Read More

World Fisheries Congress 2024 & More….

The 2024 World Fisheries Congress is fast approaching, taking place in Seattle, WA from March 3 – 7. The congress theme for this meeting is Fish and Fisheries at the Food-Water-Energy Nexus and this space provides a platform for researchers to exchange ideas about emerging issues, conservation, industry, governance of resources, and much more. Registration:... Read More

AFS Estuaries Co-Sponsored Event at AFS 153

The AFS Estuaries Section is co-sponsoring the Stakeholder Engagement Day networking event at the 153rd Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society in Grand Rapids! This one-day event will take place on Tuesday, August 22nd and will allow private fishing and aquaculture stakeholders to learn about current relevant research. Click the following link for more... Read More

Upcoming AFS Division & Chapter Meetings

Stay up to date with AFS Division & Chapter meetings!! These meetings facilitate communication among members of geographic regions and provide a space to interact with regional and local fisheries professionals and early career scientists. A list of upcoming meetings from February – March 2024, with meeting page links if provided, are below: Georgia Chapter... Read More

Latin America & Caribbean Fisheries Congress 2023

The Estuaries Section has made a $250 donation to the 2023 Latin American & Caribbean Fisheries Congress being held May 15 – 18 and is organizing a session for the conference: Advances in Movement and Population Connectivity of Highly Migratory Fishes in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Organizers: John Mohan, R. J. David Wells,... Read More

2018 Monsters of Climate Science Workshop

The Monsters of Climate Science A Workshop on Sunday, August 19 12:30-3:30PM Atlantic City Convention Center Room 320 The 1980s “Monsters of Rock” tour brought together the best heavy metal bands in the world to play together. The Monsters of Climate Science workshop will bring together top scientists from around the country for an afternoon... Read More