Petition to Establish the AFS Estuaries Section – 1993
Outreach to AFS Chapters along the coasts – 1993
1993 Estuaries Section Formal Letter of Approval


2019-2021 Catherine Johnston, USFWS
2017-2019 Lynn Waterhouse, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
2015-2017 Karin Limburg, State University of New York
2013-2015  Abigail Franklin Archer, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension – Marine Program
2011-2013  Lee Benaka, NOAA Fisheries, Office of Science and Technology
2009-2010 Fred J. Genthner, US EPA
2007-2008 Fred Goetz, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District, Senior Fish Biologist
2005-2006 Syma Ebbin, Institutional Dimensions of Global Environmental Change (IDGEC), Executive Director
2003-2004 Stephen Jordan, USEPA Gulf Ecological Division
2001-2002 Linda Bireley, Town of Lyme, Lyme Land Conservation Trust
1999-2000 Lee Benaka, NOAA Fisheries, Office of Sustainable Fisheries
1995-1999  Stephen Waste, NOAA Fisheries, Habitat Protection
1993-1994  Donna Turgeon, NOAA Fisheries


2021 Advances in Life History & Environmental Reconstruction using Biogenic Structures from Marine & Aquatic Organisms


2019 Management Applications of Estuarine Datasets
2018 Life in the Big City: Understanding Urbanization Impacts on Estuarine Fishes and Shellfish
2017 Landscape Conservation Cooperatives and Fish Habitat Partnerships Facilitate Networks and
Tools for Ecologically Connected Landscapes and Seascapes
2017 Biology and management of aggregating species in freshwater and marine systems
2016 Fisheries Management from the Great Lakes to the Gulf: Sea Grant’s Role in Research, Outreach, and Building
Partnerships along the Mississippi River
2016 Effects of Drought on Aquatic Resources, Fisheries Management, and Mitigation Strategies
2016 Inland Drivers of Coastal Hypoxia
2015 Resolving the Multiple Impacts of Anthropogenic Eutrophication on Coastal Fish and Fisheries
2015 Frontiers in Otolith Chemistry: Insights, Advances, and Future Directions
2014 Telemetry on the Atlantic Coast: Tagging Locally and Observing Globally
2014 Community Ecology and Trophic Interactions of Fishes
2013 Ecosystem Connections: Watershed Health, Anadromous Species, and Ocean Production
2013 Red Drum Population Productivity: Drivers and Spatial Scale
2012 Fish Habitat and the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009
2012 NOAA Habitat Blueprint Symposium
2010 Stock Assessment Methods for Data-poor Situations
2009 Energy Production and Fisheries in the Coastal Zone
2006 Death by a Thousand Cuts: Developing and Evaluating Indicators and Policies to Assess and
Contain Cumulative Impacts of Human Activities in Estuarine Environments
2002 Bays, Sounds, Gulfs and Lagoons: Estuarine Fisheries in the 21st Century
1998 Biological Integrity of Fish Habitat: A Key Tool for Ecosystem Management?
1997 Anthropogenic Impacts: Implications for Estuarine/Marine Fisheries Management
1997 Identifying and Monitoring Fish Habitats
1996 Economics, Ecology, and Ethics: Estuaries as Nexus