What symposia shall we plan for 2017?

The Estuaries Section is looking for ideas for symposia to organize for the 147th AFS Annual Meeting that will be held in Tampa, Florida on August 20-24, 2017. This year’s theme is, “Fisheries Ecosystems: Uplands to Oceans” http://afsannualmeeting.fisheries.org/

At the 2015 Business Meeting in Portland, the Estuaries Section members brainstormed a couple topics that might be pursued for this upcoming meeting:

-“Gentrification” of estuaries – Water quality, habitat section, etc.
-MSE (management strategy evaluation) approaches marine versus freshwater

Abstracts must be submitted by January 20, 2017. Accepted proposals will be listed on the website on February 15th. If accepted, organizers must submit a complete list of confirmed presentations and titles by March 10, 2017.

If you’re interested in developing a symposium with the Estuaries Section, please contact President Karin Limburg at KLimburg@esf.edu